*Do not leave any magnets stuck to the glass or this could cause permanent staining.*

The RIZE will be very shaken up from the shipping process but the particles will settle after a few hours and it will clear up (especially the colored versions).

LED light The included LED light can be placed on top of the RIZE to really help bring out the colors. If the LED is facing towards the front of the display it will help bring the colors out, and if it's facing towards the rear it will help bring out the spikes better (for black ferrofluid). If the LED isn't functioning correctly unscrew the top and make sure the battery is making a good connection with both contacts. The CR2032 battery should last for around 80 hours before it needs replacing.

*Keep the handheld magnet away from the large base magnet or they may smash together very quickly causing damage*


Breaks or leaks? If there are any signs of leaks then make sure not to touch the black liquid as it's very messy! The contents are non-toxic so they can be cleaned up with soap and water. Contact us and we'll get you a new one.

The liquid isn't very clear? The RIZE gets very shaken up during shipping, so if you let it sit for around 30 minutes (maybe up to an hour) it should clear right up as the small particles attract to the middle spike.

Mine has a bubble at the top? This is necessary to keep the glass from breaking during shipping due to the extreme temps encountered.


The best way to clean the RIZE is with a lint-free towel that is slightly wet with water. Don't spray any chemicals on it as they may affect the glues or finishes used.

Feel free to leave me any feedback (positive or negative) about the RIZE that you think may help me improve the product by clicking CONTACT US below. I design and improve my products based on your feedback so every bit helps ;)

Thanks for purchasing and we hope you enjoy interacting with your RIZE!