Spinning Ferrofluid Display

A Blend of Art and Science

The RIZE is a handmade work of art that we created to showcase the amazing physical properties of ferrofluid, a strange black magnetic liquid originally created by NASA as a prototype rocket fuel. It was unique in that it could be pulled into the engines using magnets in zero gravity.

It has only recently been available for use outside of industrial applications and I sought to utilize these unique properties and bring them to life visually in the RIZE.

Place the RIZE on its detachable magnetic base and watch the ferrofluid spike, spin and rise in a beautiful symphony of art and science. Its movements are mesmerizing and it will be the center of attention wherever it's displayed.

Beautiful Design

Hand made using only premium materials

T8 Aluminum

The top cap and body are constructed of T8 anodized aluminum for a beautiful finish.

Lab Quality Glass

The glass tube is custom made from a highly polished laboratory grade glass with thick walls that is not easily broken.

Stainless Steel Base

The machined stainless steel magnetic base is a work of art in itself and serves multiple purposes.

High Quality Ferrofluid

We only use high quality ferrofluid manufactured by Ferrotec.

Machined Coated Screw

The centerpiece of the display is a large machined black oxide coated screw which will never rust or react with the ferrofluid.

No Breakdown or Staining

We have worked extensively in R&D to develop a custom suspension liquid that ensures the ferrofluid won't break down or stain the glass.

Add some Color!

We are now able to color the ferrofluid in vivid metallic colors.

The Ultimate Desk Toy

The RIZE makes for the perfect desktop distraction.

A powerful dual pole handheld magnetic wand is included for added interaction.

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